32 Cheap White Elephant Gifts Ideas that people will love

Whether you're getting funny gifts for the White Elephant Gift Exchange party at your office or with your family, we've made a list of gifts you can choose from.

Let's be honest, you don't want to spend a whole bunch of money on some office idiots you don't even like, right?

However, gift exchanges are usually a lot of fun IF you know what to get for the right price.

Even if you work in the stuffiest of offices in the most formal of industries, it’s likely that you will be invited to take part in the time-honored tradition of a gift exchange known as White Elephant.

Choosing the right gift for a White Elephant party is an art because there are a lot of factors to consider: the group of people, company culture, age range, and the budget.

In this post, we’ll look at some examples of the best budget White Elephant gifts and why they are such good choices. From funny gifts to luxury items, there is something for everyone at a reasonable price.

Check out the examples below to make sure that your gift is a roaring success in the office or with your family!

Jokes and Humor

Offensive Fortune Cookie Bag

Get yours at Bold Crumbs for $8.98

Everyone loves a good offensive joke. It's good for the soul.

Catch your friends or family by surprise with this deceivingly innocent bag of fortune cookies.

Some of the messages inside include such hits as:

  • You're not pretty enough to be this stupid.
  • People are pro life until they meet you.
  • Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.

And more!

Beard Hat

Get yours on Amazon for $19.99

If your beard-free face is feeling the cold this winter, this beanie hat with knitted beard attachment will shield you from the elements and making you look effortlessly stylish!

Shakespeare Insult Generator

Get yours on Amazon for $11.66

Ever feel the need to deliver the classiest of verbal smackdowns?

This no-holds-Bard gift will allow the recipient to put any “cuckoldly dull-brained blockhead” in their place. 

Drinking Gifts

Prescription Pill Bottle Drink Cooler

Get yours on Amazon for $9.99

This unique drinks cooler is a great gift for the beer drinker in your life. Do not exceed the stated dose.

The Hungover Cookbook

Get yours on Amazon for $8.99

Every office has that one person who has a few too many at the Christmas party and comes into work the next day looking like a zombie extra from The Walking Dead...yikes.

This cookbook aimed at soothing a hangover is an indispensable gift!

Wine-Opoly: A Drunken Board Game

Get yours on Amazon for $17.39

Like board games? Like wine? Say no more.

Extra Large Wine Glass

Get yours on Amazon for $19.94

This extra-large glass holds an entire bottle of wine, giving a whole new meaning to “just one glass”!

“I’ve Never” Board Game

Get yours on Amazon on $15.95

A classic drinking game for all responsible adults, this one is sure to be a hit at the Christmas party!

Wine Condoms

Get yours on Amazon for $13.97

Take precautions with this hilarious airtight seal to keep your wine fresh once opened. Disclaimer: not intended to prevent pregnancy.

Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail Recipes

Get yours on Amazon for $10.24

With recipes like “Romeo and Julep”, this wittily-titled cocktail recipe book is the perfect gift for an English grad and will tempt any bookworm out to the party. 

Beer/Soda Drinking Helmet

Get yours on Amazon for $12.99

For the friend who wants to drink on the go, this handy helmet allows for hands-free consumption of your beverage of choice!

Gifts for Home

Muffin Top Baking Cups

Get yours on Amazon for $9.29

For the cake fan in the office, these quirky baking cups offer a friendly warning of what may happen if you eat too many of them!

Veggie Chopper

Get yours on Amazon for $19.99

If you’re looking for something that will be useful on a daily basis, this vegetable chopper is a perfect gift for any aspiring culinary wizard.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Get yours on Amazon $16.99

Another surprisingly-useful gift, this Memory Foam Travel Pillow is great for long plane journeys or even in the office.

Wooden iBed Lap Desk

Get yours on Amazon for $14.68

This mini lap desk for your iPad or tablet is perfect for keeping your hands free for a cup of coffee or a snack while reading or watching videos! 

Adult Coloring Books Set

Get yours on Amazon for $19.97

Adult coloring books have been all the rage for the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. This gift is an excellent way to help a stressed-out coworker find their inner calm.

Earth Vibes Bath Bombs Gift Set

Get yours on Amazon for $12.95

If the usual novelty gifts aren’t inspiring you, how about treating someone to some well-deserved luxury with these relaxing natural bath bombs!

Toilet Humor

Butt/Face Soap

Get yours on Amazon for $8.99

Thanks to this hilarious soap, germaphobes need no longer fear where the soap has been. Not to mention, the soap itself is high-quality and smells good (before it’s used, at least)!

Poop Emoji Pillow

Get yours on Amazon for $9.99

If you’re worried about getting a cr*ppy gift, this Poop Emoji Pillow is nothing to be sniffed at.

How to Poo at Work

Get yours on Amazon for $10.95

Anyone that works in an office will know the struggle of dropping the kids off at the pool with discretion. This is where this handy guide comes in!

$100 Bill Toilet Paper

Get yours on Amazon for $8.99

Whether you’re a CEO or a janitor, live the billionaire lifestyle with this hilarious toilet paper! 


Toilet Golf Set

Get yours on Amazon for $9.95

For the wannabe Tiger Woods of the office, this golf set is sure to make toilet breaks a little more interesting.

Cats and Dogs

Dog Shaming 2020 Calendar

Get yours on Amazon for $10.91

Pet shaming is one of the funniest online trends to emerge in recent years. Dog lovers will find this collection of naughty canines hilarious!

Cats in Art Notecard Box

Get yours on Amazon for $14.32

Cat lovers will adore this lovable collection of illustrations of cats inspired by classic pieces of art. From the Mona Lisa to The Birth of Venus, the most iconic images in art are given a purrfect makeover.

Space Cats Hand Towel

Get yours on Zazzle for $16.85

Cats. In space. On a hand towel. What more do you need?

Desk Accessories

Mini Electronic Finger Drum Set

Get yours on Amazon for $16.79

A perfect gift for any music fan, this touch-sensitive mini drum kit will let your inner Phil Collins run wild!

Image result for lava lamp

Retro Lava Lamp

Get yours on Amazon for $13.06

Bring relaxed and groovy vibes with this classic design. Perfect for anyone who wishes they could go back to the ‘70s!

Desktop Boxing

Get yours on Amazon for $9.95

This desk accessory is perfect for practicing your Mike Tyson moves or taking out your stress on (without getting into trouble)!

Offensive Humor

Offensive Fortune Cookies

Get it at Bold Crumbs for $8.98

This fortune cookie bag includes 6 fortune cookies with offensive messages inside them!

Imagine their faces when they expect to open an innocent fortune cookie with an uplifting and inspiring messages just to find themselves reading an offensive message.

You know what they say, if you love them you roast them.

Some of the messages include:

  • You're not pretty enough to be this stupid.
  • People are pro life until they meet you.

The look on your stupid sibling's face will be priceless, but of course it's all in good fun.

Fifty Sheds of Grey

Get yours on Amazon for $9.99

A great funny gift for fans of sheds or readers of… “specialist” literature. Not safe for work!

Quickwits Adult Party Game

Get yours on Amazon for $14.99

This fast-paced adult party game is sure to break the ice - although some of the themes are probably NSFW!

Magnetic Obscenities

Get yours on Amazon for $8.95

If you prefer your fridge magnets with a little edge, this collection of colorful language will be invaluable!

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