31 Funny Gifts for ALL Dads and Dad-Joke Enthusiasts

Looking for funny gifts for dad? We got you covered with this list of 31 hilarious gifts that any dad or dad-joke enthusiast will absolutely love

It can be hard to impress a dad. 

You want something funny, yet original, that also stands out.

And at the same time, it has to be genuine.

We could spend all day talking about what makes a perfect dad gift, but even then - it would be hard to say.

Because, here’s the thing:

No two dads are alike.

The definition of what makes a gift funny is different each time, depending on the dad.

This is why we’ve compiled this long list of 30+ hilarious gifts for dads and dad-joke enthusiasts all around the world can enjoy.

Looking for a unique gift that the receiver will surely remember you for?

Whether it’s for a birthday or the upcoming holidays - the below list of funny gifts is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

So, let’s jump into it, starting with - 

$10 and Under

The World’s Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes

Price: $4.29

One of the many staples of being a dad has to do with telling dad jokes.

Use this collection of dad jokes, if your dad is looking for some inspiration on his best (or worst) puns.

Funny Do Not Disturb Socks

Price: $7.99

Dad works really hard all week to just have some time to himself and watch the game on Sunday.

However well aware of this sacred dad ritual that we may be, we still have the nerve to interrupt it.

Get dad a pair of these socks so he can nicely remind any intruder to back off.

Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags

Price: $10

There is nothing like a perfect midnight snack that hits the spot.

With these reusable toaster bags, you can toast a perfect cheese melt within a matter of minutes.

And sometimes, a perfect cheese melt is all it takes to satisfy a dad.

Cord Keeper

Price: $9.99

Everyone hates tangled headphone cords.

For those of us who still use wired cords, this cord keeper is a simple solution to a consistent problem.

Game of Thrones: House Sigil Coasters

Price: $8.69

While everyone is still obsessed over Game of Thrones, you can use these coasters to help your dad represent his favorite house.

Just make sure he doesn’t invite friends who support the opposite factions.

Personalized Ice Cream Spoon

Price: $9.99

Everyone loves ice cream. 

Everyone also loves other people not using their own personal spoon with their name on it.

Help your dad claim back what is rightfully his.

Army Man Bottle Opener

Price: $7.45

If he played with those plastic army men toys as a kid, this is something like that.

Except, it’s even better.

This one opens beer bottles.

Ceramic Takeout Serving Bowl

Price: $8.45

The next time your dad orders takeaway, he’ll be able to disguise it as a perfectly natural homemade meal with this takeout serving bowl.

Perfect for all the times he wants to be fancy with a takeaway meal.

Sasquatch Soap

Price: $9.65

If this soap is enough to moisturize a sasquatch, it’ll probably work on your dad as well.

Note: no sasquatches were harmed in the making of this soap.

$25 and Under

Flipping Awesome Grilling Apron

Price: $24.99

If you want to make sure your dad is truly the king of the grill, make sure he’s wearing this flipping awesome grilling apron.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can always customize the apron with his family member’s names to give it a more sentimental touch.

Funny Mug: World’s Okayest Dad

Price: $12.50

Every dad is the #1 dad.

But how many of them are the World’s Okayest Dad?

That’s right. Almost none of them.

With this gift, you’re either going to get a laugh from your dad or a frown.

Either way, you know for a fact he’s going to be using it every day and get a laugh from it every time.

Eye Glasses Holder

Price: $18

A little creepy? Maybe.

But with this eyeglasses holder, your dad will never lose his glasses again - saving, both him and you the time spent on looking for his misplaced glasses.

It’s eye-catching, isn’t it?

Game of Thrones Customized Surname Glass

Price: $11.99

Whether or not your dad liked the latest Game of Thrones season, he’s sure to like this custom whiskey glass.

Personalize it with his surname as nothing feels better than drinking from a glass with your own name on it.

Giant Fist Can Holder

Price: $15.99

Help your dad show off his brute strength with this giant fist can holder.

Impress friends and let them know your dad is not the one to be messed with.

Sriracha Portable Keychains 

Price: $14.23

This Sriracha Keychain Combo pack takes carrying heat to a whole new level.

The idea of carrying around hot sauce sounds funny on paper. But you never know when you might want to get out of a bland meal - surprisingly practical too!

Beer Holster

Price: $19.90

If your dad is the type who prefers beer, then you can help him keep it at hand with this leather beer holster.

Help him go through house chores faster by having beer within reach.

Slang Flashcards

Price: $11.99

Help your dad stay up to date with the latest (and the most lit), slang all these youngsters who won’t get off his lawn are spouting with this slang flashcards.

He’ll be keeping it real in no time, fam.

Beer Guzzler Helmet

Price: $11.99

You’ve probably seen or heard of one of these things.

But now, you can actually own it and help your dad drink hands-free while watching his favorite sport!

Now that’s efficiency.

Shark Attack Mug

Price: $14.99

It seems like a regular mug at first. 

Until your dad is a few sips in, then it’s a shark mug.

It’s all fun and games until a great white is staring your dad down every time he goes in for a sip.

Fake Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Price: $12.98

Men need a good handbag to store their everyday items too.

This fake beer belly fanny pack really completes the ‘dad bod look.

Bonus points if it’s on top of an actual beer belly.

Sandal Socks

Price: $14.95

We’re not really sure what started the whole socks and sandals trend, but if you want to acknowledge this style adored by dads all over the world - you can now do so with these comfy sandal socks.

Teenage Daughter Survivor Shirt

Price: $18.99

A simple shirt, but guaranteed to get a laugh out of your dad.

This teenage daughter survivor shirt is probably one of the most fitting gifts from a daughter to her father. 

$25 and Over

Custom Fortune Cookie Bag (50 Cookies)

Price: $69.00

Fortune Cookies with your own original messages inside them. This is especially great in case you want to fill them with groan-worthy dad jokes and hand them out at the next family reunion.

Need ideas on what jokes to put inside the cookies?

Check out our article 147 Obnoxious Dad Jokes That'll Make Your Eyes Roll

Fridge Locker

Price: $25.99

If your dad is serious about his snacks, then you can help him secure his food with this portable fridge locker.

The next time your dad will get his midnight munchies, he’ll know exactly where to look.

Salami Bouquet

Price: Starting at $50.00

Flowers aren’t really a dad thing.

But flowers disguised as a salami bouquet - that’s the way to his heart (or stomach).

Though, unlike flowers, this gift probably won’t last very long, depending on your dad.

Scotch-infused Toothpicks

Price: $36

Everything about this screams fancy.

If you want to help your dad take things to the next level, you can now do so with these scotch-infused toothpicks - which is exactly what it sounds like.

Beeropoly Board Game

Price: $34.99

If Monopoly met beer, this would be the result. 

What do you get?

That’s right - Beeropoly.

This is going to be one of those rare monopoly games which do not end with the board getting flipped.

Custom Bobblehead

Price: $99.50

What better way to show your admiration for your dad than turning him into a personalized bobblehead?

Send in a photo and the figurine will be made with his clothes and expression as reference.

Down Alternative Comforter

Price: $179

We spend a third of our lives sleeping.

Dads, somehow, manage to spend even more than that.

In that case, it better be time spent being comfortable, which is definitely the case with this down alternative comforter. Though, don’t blame us if he oversleeps the next day.

Build Your Sock Box

Price: $119

There is nothing more satisfying than a pair of good, high quality, and warm socks.

Probably except being able to help your dad craft his own unique socks collection, which he can do with this customizable sock box.

Custom Fortune Cookies Box

Price: $69.00

Last but not least, if you want a unique and truly personalized dad gift, full of inside jokes and references, our custom fortune box might be more up your alley.

The box comes with 50 fortune cookies with 5 custom messages that you personally write!

Now, you can include references to something specific and unique to your dad that no other gift can cover.

For example, if you want to watch someone get roasted by a fortune cookie or include a very specific reference, you can now do just that.

The look on their face as they open the innocent-looking gift - now that’s priceless.

Best gifts are ones that have a story behind them.

With this custom bag, you’ll definitely be remembered.

Closing Words

Have you decided on a gift yet?

Sometimes a good laugh is all it takes to make someone’s day.

And if you manage to stay memorable while doing so - even better.

For those occasions, our offensive fortune cookies tend to shine.

Be sure to check out some of our other offensive fortune cookies for more unique gifts - we have something for everyone.

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