72 Hilarious Gifts that put the "Best" in BFF

Need a hilarious gift for your BFF? We made a list of gifts you'll actually want to give your best friend!

It’s ONE thing to be best friends, but quite another to keep the BFF flame alive.

If your way of saying "I love you" is through random gifts, pranks and inside-jokes, then this list will help you show that BFF love.

Whether your best friend is into groan-worthy dad jokes or dark and messed up humor, there’s something in here for everyone!

  1. Offensive Fortune Cookie Bag

Everyone loves a good offensive joke. It's good for the soul.

Catch your friends or family by surprise with this deceivingly innocent bag of fortune cookies.

Some of the messages inside include such hits as:

  • You're not pretty enough to be this stupid.
  • People are pro life until they meet you.
  • Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.

And more!


  1. Adult Coloring Book: A coloring book that helps Calm the F*ck Down

If your best friend the type to overreact, exaggerate, get involved in drama or generally crack under pressure, well, there are a few ways to tell her she needs to chill. The funniest of them all is this adult coloring book that tells it like it is: “Calm the F*ck Down”!

Abstract doodles, animals, people, and fairies ask to be filled with color and help spread the message of “draw, don’t gnaw (your nails)” when stress knocks on your BFF’s door.

Useful tip: Don’t half-a** this present! Go the whole nine yards and get her a set of coloring pencils, too!

  1. “Bathe & Brew” - Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank Funny Gag Joke Gift Box

This elaborate Shower Margarita Machine is a best friend gift to remember. See, this is one of the greatest best friend gift ideas because there’s actually no gift to be had - at all!

Shower Margarita Machine’s perfectly designed box, full of awesome selling points and amazing product pictures will have your bestie tearing it apart at lightning speed, only to find that her dreams of being in Cabo and not in her 2 x 2 bathroom are dashed by, well, laugh!

Useful tip: Have a margarita pitcher ready in the fridge to keep the fun going even longer!

  1. Cards Against Humanity: A card game to laugh (and cry) about (in)humanity

If you’re you find Cards Against Humanity’s slogan, “A party game for horrible people”, funny, wait until you play a few rounds of it with your BFF. 

Over 34,000 people on Amazon (and their friends, families) can’t be wrong. Just get it and every single awkward and hilarious card pairing will have you want to start playing the game while sitting on the floor, because you will be literally rolling on it!

Useful tip: Have some other friends join in on the fun, too. The more, the merrier - because you can’t really say terribler without getting dirty looks, can you?

  1. Atomic Trimmer Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer: To zap crazy hair away

This fun little hair trimmer, which looks like a hybrid between a Back to the Future and Toy Story prop, will have your bestie not only giggling, but also upgrading their self-care routine with style!

Help them say goodbye to those thick, awkwardly long hair by giving them this gag gift that goes the extra (hair) mile, and, who knows, it just might be so good that you’ll run out of hair joke material!

Useful tip: Make sure to take pictures of your bestie using their brand new hair trimmer. It will make for some good blackmail use in the future!

  1. Custom Face Socks: So they never forget how pretty they are

Tell your bestie to save some face, because they HAVE to wear their brand new socks with pride! Warm and cozy, your BFF will proudly show off their mug every time they take off their shoes. Give them the gift of comfiness and let them remind themselves just how pretty they are, by getting them a pair ASAP!

Useful tip: Get ready for some serious struttin’ when your BFF waltzes into your place and wants to show off their face by rubbing their feet on yours!

  1.  Best F***ing Friend Ever Pen: To remind them they’re the best f***ing thing since sliced bread

Repeat after us: hell yeah, your bestie is the Best F***ing Friend EVER - and this pen will let them know just that, each time they gaze upon it to write down their next manifesto, or, well, this week’s grocery list.

Available in several colors, this pen will surely fit in your bestie’s purse, and will help them get that cutie’s number, or even sign an autograph, should need be!

Useful tip: If your BFF is a clutz, make sure to throw in these Portable Stain Treater Towelettes for good measure, too!

  1. Humorous Soap Gift For Social Media Junkies: A soap that will have them smell like they meme it

After taking ALL those pictures of your BFF for them to put on the ‘gram, and offering your expert consulting services on which of said pictures make their pout look best, it’s time to tell your bestie that they now can, indeed, smell as good as they look with this fruit cocktail-scented soap that makes for the perfect reason to post a #tb to last year’s exotic vacay!

Useful tip: Be on standby to capture the moment they unbox their memelicious gift to post the soapiest IG story EVER!

  1. Hoovy Cat Butt Refrigerator Picture Magnets: A set of magnets that are every cat person’s dream

No ifs, no buts, there’s really nothing better to gift a cat person than cat butts - in decorative magnet form, that is! These funny feline-themed fridge magnets will add a touch of meow to your friend’s boring a** fridge, which also likely looks rundown from spending years in their parents’ garage (#facts).

Useful tip: Choose a fun photo of you two that they can proudly display beneath their new favorite cat butt magnet!

  1. From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen: An illustrated book that’ll actually get them to cookin’!

If Snoop Dogg did it, then so can your BFF! Help your bestie bid adieu to burnt toast and boxed mac and cheese with this collection of the Doggfather’s OG recipes that can turn even the saddest of cooks (aka your BFF) to (decent) chefs. Accompanied by pictures of the scrumptious dishes from Snoop’s collection, the book also features some of his funny stories, that will fo’ so’ make their cooking experience feel like straight outta Compton.

Useful tip: Definitely try Snoop’s very own take on chewy Starbursts. You’re welcome.

  1. Sloth Daily To-Do List Note Pad: A planner that will help them achieve their plans fast and slow

Here’s a gift for that your lazy one will most definitely enjoy! If your bestie’s procrastination has been a subject of endless jokes, then you can drop a serious hint of what needs to be done with this slothtastic planner that promises to put their life in order - well, at some point.

Useful tip: Show them how to use it. It’s likely they don’t like to make plans...because they have no idea how to make them!

  1. Cow Patch - Iron On Patch: To affirm that the truth is (mooing) out there

If the X-Files, Area 51 and conspiracy theories are the hottest topics on your BFF’s agenda, then this gift will speak to their doubtful heart. A cow alien abduction iron-on patch - who could have thought that? Well, someone who understands your BFF - just as well as you do!

Useful tip: Prepare a list of moo-themed jokes and keep it handy when THE patch makes its appearance on your BFF’s shirt, or bag, or wherever they choose to put it on!

  1. The Golden Girls Monopoly Board Game: To say Thank you for being a friend 

We know the Golden Girls theme song is already playing in your head! This is the ultimate gift for the Blanche/Rose/Dorothy/Sophia of your life - you know best with which one of them your BFF identifies with!

The game includes Miami’s hottest spots, Golden Girls-themed tokens and, of course, everyone’s favorite ladies from the beloved hit show whose episodes you both can quote word-for-word!

Useful tip: Grab some rosé and snacks and settle down for a wild night of Monopoly!

  1. For the wine aficionado: Wine Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book 

This coloring book full of vino is a win-o! And, it also goes to show that wine, does, indeed, go with everything. Your bestie will enjoy some quality snark with a glass of wine - and coloring pencil! - in hand with this hilarious coloring book!

Useful tip: Pour a glass yourself and join in on the fun!

  1.  Scratch Off World Map Poster: To scratch that travel itch

Can’t afford to gift your bestie an all-expenses paid trip? Don’t worry! Just give them this amazing world map to scratch off the places they’ve already gone to, as a sweet ode to their adventurous spirit.

Useful tip: Plan your next trip together and make sure you’re both there to scratch the location off, when the time comes!

  1. Fred BREW WHALE Tea Infuser: To spill the tea together!

Set your BFF for a lifetime of fun cuppas with Fred the whale, as he come to the rescue to make tea time fun!

Useful tip: Have a whale of a time together sharing with your favorite loose leaf blend and the latest, hottest tea on celebs, and, why not, your other friends or coworkers!

  1.  Friends You're My Lobster Duo Charm Bangle: Because you two are in it for life!

Phoebe said it first for Ross and Rachel, but now it’s your turn to say it loud and proud to your bestie: they’re your lobster, and you two are meant to be!

Useful tip: You MUST get one for yourself, too, if you want to REALLY affirm your F•R•I•E•N•D•S-ship!

  1. Tipsy Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder: Even unicorns like you two like to live it up!

Your bestie is as magical as a unicorn, right? So help them get magically tipsy with this feisty unicorn who’s ready to get down and get chuggin’! 

Useful tip: Don’t leave the unicorn waiting! Add your BFF’s favorite wine to go along and pop up right in just in time to present it to them!

  1. The Little Book Of Life Hacks: A field guide for a bestie in the fast lane

Happier, healthier and more beautiful, with a few simple hacks? Your friendo will sure get a hearty laugh outta that, but who knows! A few of these tips may actually help them do things a little more efficiently!

Useful tip: Read said tips aloud and rate them on a scale of 1-10!

  1.  Blue Q Oven Mitts, This Is F-ing Delicious: For the naughty cook

Prone to spicy cooking and naughty words? This is the oven mitt made to fit your BFF like to a tee!

Useful tip: You have to say “It’s f***ing delicious” for every dish your bestie serves you now!

  1. Don't worry about me, worry about your eyebrows T-shirt: For the BFF with RBF

Τhis T-shirt perfectly encapsulates your BFF’s RBF, allowing them to people that they bettah fix their brows before they even think of telling them to fix their ‘tude!

Useful tip: Fix your eyebrows before even considering to get this for your bestie!

  1. Women's Libation!: Cocktails to Celebrate a Woman's Right to Booze: Strong cocktails for strong women!

Libation, liberation! Say “Viva los Cocktails” with this fun book that will have your sistah reach otherworldly levels of bartending expertise in no time.

Useful tip: Pitch in a pitcher to waste no time before you get to drinkin’!

  1. The Best Damn Answers to Life's Hardest Questions: Teach your bestie how to adult!

Adulting is hard, but not hard enough that it can’t be deciphered through a flowchart! This book is for that friend who questions everything from how to do the laundry to whether to go to the doctor (hint: it’s your best friend!).

Useful tip: Get a copy for yourself, too. You can never be too prepared for adulthood!

  1. PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Uncensored Game: Because you two have nothing to hide!

Uncensored and unapologetic: this card game will get you to spill the beans and make a Freudian slip or two that will definitely turn into some spicy inside jokes to last for ages!

Useful tip: Maybe avoid drinking while playing. Or maybe do drink? Depends on how much you’d like to know!

  1. Mimicry Pet Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say Plush Animal: For the blabbermouth that just won’t stop!

You love your best friend, but sometimes, their talking can get too much. Getting them this adorable talking hamster will address their need for constant blabber and spread some hearty, belly laughs in the process, too!

Useful tip: Make a party game out of it for maximum entertainment value!

  1. Shocktato Party Game: Fit for the ultimate shocking partay experience

This hilarious spin on the classic hot potato party game is sure to be a hit! Throw it around and try to avoid being shocked, BUT, newsflash, you will not be able to avoid laughing!

Useful tip: Select the “extreme mode” for an extra strong jolt that your bestie will remember for life!

  1. Burritos Blanket 2.0 Double Sided for Adult and Kids: For everytime it’s siesta time!

It’s always a beautiful day when you share mexican food with your bestie - now imagine giving them the opportunity to wrap themselves in a warm, life-size tortilla (sans chips and salsa)! They’ll think you’re muy caliente!

Useful tip: Do order mexican and enjoy a night in snuggling wrapped up in this cozy blanket (pun intended)!

  1. 2020 Pooping Pooches White Elephant Gag Gift Calendar: For a pοochy year!

Pooches be poopin’, so why not have a laugh out of it? Hang this cheeky calendar on your best friend’s wall to remind them that life is good, even on, erm, shitty days!

Useful tip: Wrap it in some poop emoji wrapping paper for an extra poopy effect!

  1. 15oz Large Funny Coffee Mug: You’re Awesome - and let’s drink to that!

Every move they make...every sip they take from this lovely’ll be as if you were there, reminding your bestie that they’re awesome, and they should just keep doing them!

Useful tip: Feel free to sing the above remade lyric of the famous Police song when giving away the mug - should bring some epic stares from your BFF!

  1. Great Nudes Heat Changing Coffee Mug:The ultimate art lover’s laughing out loud gag 

See these classic figures turn from prude to nude when you pour a hot drink in this mug, as well as your bestie blush and burst out in laughter in the process, too!

Useful tip: Coffee, cocoa or tea? Prepare your bestie’s favorite drink and do the magic heat-change showcase yourself!

  1. Pizza Socks Box: When you can’t say “no-ni” to pepperoni

Imagine receiving this uber-realistic pizza box, only to realize it’s filled with delicious...socks? Yeah, we’re pretty sure your BFF will appreciate the joke just as much as you do, so go ahead and grab it!

Useful tip: Sharing is caring, so you can rightfully request a pair for yourself!

  1. Waffles Blanket, Giant Flour Waffles Throw Blanket: For the Ann to your Leslie / the Ben to your Chris!

We don’t have to explain this one if you’re a Parks and Recreation fan! Even if you’re not, you’re still going to appreciate waffle-ful gift idea this throw blanket is for your breakfast food-loving friend!

Useful tip: Buy them the Parks and Recreation: The Complete Series DVD set, too, so that they can immediately get any awesome Leslie Knopes quote you throw their way!

  1. Rubber Chicken Slingshot Novelty Stress Flickin Chicken Game: No-mess de-stress!

When the going gets rough, your bestie is not one to chicken out - and that’s what’s often makes them be so stressed out! This finger slingin’ good destresser will remind them that it’s okay to chicken out once in a while, always in style!

Useful tip: Warm up for some serious running! You’ll never know when the flying chicken will get you! 

  1. Funny Coasters for Drinks Absorbent with Holder: For the host(ess) with the *$#!ess

You must have lost count of the time you’ve seen your bestie having to clean up the mess after your weekly game nights? Spare them the torture with these coasters that tells it like it is, with a few, ehm, cute words for good measure!

Useful tip: You’ll have to point out these coasters’ existence for a looong time before people actually use them, so be careful! A few swear words might slip off of you, too!

  1. Spaghetti Monster Colander Strainer: For when pasta is a must-ah

Carb cravings? Italian-themed dinner? This funny colander might look straight into your BFF’s eyes, but it won’t judge. No, not even during those messy hangover ketchup-and-spaghetting chomp downs!

Useful tip: This is what we call a just-because gift, so you need no excuse to get it right now!

  1. Yodelling Pickle: For the person who has everything except a yodeling pickle

That’s actually what the listing says! So if your pickle-loving BFF has everything but this weird yet highly entertaining  gadget, congratulations, you’ve just found their next gift!

Useful tip: Don’t resist the urge to yodel along. It’s futile!

  1. Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug: For when all you need is a happy little tree


Does your BFF watch Bob Ross videos on YouΤube to relax? Are happy little trees their love language? Then this mug will become their go-to choice for hot drinks! After all, you can’t help but smile at the sight of Bob Ross!

Useful tip: Buy two mugs so that your bestie has it on hand during your next Bob Ross marathon session! 

  1. 50 Ways to Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls!: For naughty cooking sessions!

Has your BFF been curious about trying cock in many ways? Well, this book is going to help them satisfy their cravings! Hey, don’t be naughty - keep the jokes for between the two of you!

Useful tip: Leaf through the book to find out what’s your favorite way to eat cock, so you can spark an...interesting convo as soon as you give out the book!

  1. Things I Want to Say to My Co-Workers But I Can't: 6x9 Notebook: Because everyone needs a burn book

Does your bestie have soooo much to say about their coworkers that it can pretty much fill a book? Well, here’s where they can vent and jot down whatever pops into their head about their cubicle neighbors from hell, without the fear of being sacked!

Useful tip: Extra points if you include an assorted pack of colorful pens, so that they can add an extra dramatic effect to your bestie’s narratives!

  1. The Nessie Family Kitchen Set: To dive into the mystery of cooking!

THREE generations of the Nessie family gather to make their way into your bestie’s kitchen - and heart! Don’t deny them the chance to join your BFF’s culinary adventures!

Useful tip: Loch Ness Monster: The Legendary Stories of the Loch Ness Monster From An Unbiased View is a MUST add-on to this gift!

  1. Pappa Nessie Pasta Spoon: To complete the Loch Ness family in your BFF’s kitchen!

Papa Nessie is not included in the previous Nessie family bundle, and we couldn’t bear to leave him out of the party! Don’t go breaking his heart and unite him with his family by adding him to your BFF’s Nessie family kitchen utensil gift!

Useful tip: See above for the essential Nessie family gift add-on book!

  1. Gag Gifts Game Basket Headband Ball: For the BFF NBA fan

If your BFF is a certified klutz, then this game will definitely spread lots of fun and giggles to your entire gang! Take turns wearing the headband and see who’s the worst ball shooter among you all!

Useful tip: Play this game in open space to avoid crawling/looking under furniture for the balls!

  1. The Try Not to Laugh Challenge - Would Your Rather? - EWW Edition: To get to know yourselves EVEN better!

You might have played Would you rather? MANY times in the course of your friendship, but you’ve DEFINITELY haven’t tried this extreme edition of the game! If your bestie is up for some messy and eww-inducing fun, then THIS is the ultimate gift for them!

Useful tip: Nothing’s off limits. Let your imagination run WILD, my child!

  1. Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy: For an adorable blast to the past

He’s bright red, he’s wacky, and he’s here to dance your BFF troubles away! The perfect addition to their desk, wacking waving inflatable tube guy guarantees endless hours of entertainment and fun!

Useful tip: Go through the cute accompanying booklets together to find out his heartwarming origins!

  1. Rainbow Scratch Off Mini Notes And 2 Stylus Pens Kit: To awaken the artistic child within

Here’s a cute way to keep and leave notes; draw; play, and simply kill some time! Slightly psychedelic and definitely fun, this gift will awaken your BFF’s inner child and give them lots of joy in the process!

Useful tip: Ask to be given some of their original creations using this kit to hold as lasting mementos!

  1. The Original Toilet Night Light Tech Gadget: For the BFF that can’t aim to save their life

It’s a party in the bathroom with this color-changing toilet seat cover! If your bestie is a notoriously poor aimer or can’t find their way in their dark, then this is definitely a life-changing gift that will brighten their late-night pee time (pun intended)!

Useful tip: Help them install it to get a glimpse of it working in its full glory!

  1. Toilet Tag - Hilarious Game For Adults Who Share The Same Potty: For the BFF who’s also a roomie

Do you have the pleasure of living with your bestie? Or perhaps your bestie is living together with their partner? Then this game of toilet tag is a hilarious way to trade jokes and leave those smartphones behind while at the potty!

Useful tip: Stack up on pens so you never run out when nature calls!

  1. What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?: The Answers to Life's Everyday Question (in 50 F*@#ing Recipes): For the indecisive, foul-mouthed cook

If you’ve witnessed your bestie have a complete meltdown at the thought of what to make for dinner, well, getting them this cookbook will win you lots of extra BFF points - not that you need them, anyway!

Useful tip: You just have to pick your favorite and have them make it for you (cursing is optional!)

  1. Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball: When all that’s needed to say “GO!”  is a “YES” or “NO”

Ouija board? Magic 8 ball? You don’t know ‘em, ‘cause Mr. Predicto is your go-to source of important (or not-so-important) life decisions! Your bestie can ask him anything from “Should I wear this outfit” to “Will ___ marry me” and get they’ve always wanted...or not.

Useful tip: Ask away! There’s no question too wild for this ball-inhabiting, light-changing sage.

  1. True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t: 500 Insane-But-True Facts That Will Shock and Impress Your Friends: For the bestie who can’t get enough of them facts!

There’s this one category of people who can’t get enough of trivia, and, if your bestie happens to be among them, then there’s no way they won’t appreciate this book!

Useful tip: Prepare to be inundated with outrageous yet absolutely real facts. You should have known when you got this book for your BFF!

  1. I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats: For the feline-loving literature-fiend

What’s it really like being a cat? This book promises to offer a deep look into the “inner workings of the cat psyche”, which every cat-lover, including your BFF, is sure to appreciate!

Useful tip: If you love cats, then you should definitely pick up a copy for yourself, too!

  1. Funny Novelty Socks: When you can’t get enough of Nemo!

If your BFF is the Nemo to your Dory, these fishtastic socks will keep their toes warm and their feet looking cute, all while reminding them of their favorite underwater cartoon character!

Useful tip: There’s also Dory crew socks available, should she be the one who’s your BFF’s fave!

  1. Popping Pimples Funny Gift-Stress Relief Novelty Toy: For the compulsive pimple picker

When your BFF’s YouTube watch history is dominated by pimple-picking videos, then you must definitely be delighted at the sight of this, um, niche novelty toy! It’s also eco-friendly, in addition to great FUN, so whatchu waitin’ for, fam?

Useful tip: Regardless of your feelings with regards to pimple picking, please try NOT to grimace in disgust when you see the toy in use!

  1. Blah Button - Talking Button Features 12 Blah Sayings: The get-out-of-any-convo card

Can you sense at times your bestie boaaarrreeeddd of a convo and see them have no way out of it? Well, with this button, they now do! Featuring 12 funny sound clips, there’s no way the subject’s won’t be changed fast enough!

Useful tip: This is for use among friends only! Don’t want any misunderstandings with randos, right?!

  1. Brief History of Art Coffee Mug: The gift that puts a liberal arts degree to good use

Your bestie may be made fun of for their liberal arts degree, but who’s laughing now? This mug is the perfect way for them to show off their hard-earned (and debt-borne) knowledge and, for once, show everyone that humanities degrees matter!

Useful tip: Who could have thought that a mug could be educational?! Make sure you learn about a couple of the figures on the mug, too! 

  1. 3 Pairs Animal Paw Socks -  3D Print Funny Animal Feet Socks: To bring out the fierce feline inside

Hear your bestie rawwr with this amazing sock trio! Whether they feel like a leopard, a cheetah or a cat, there’s certainly one pair that can suit their mood, every single day!

Useful tip: Practising accompanying sounds together is a must!

  1. Poop Shoot! Head Hoop Contest!: When shooting hoops means shooting poops!

This is an even funnier take on the head contest game we showed you in #42 because it involves flying poop! Will you or your bestie be crowned the ULTIMATE poop-hoop throwing ninja? Only one way to find out, and that’s getting them this gift!

Useful tip: It’s fake poop, obviously, so germaphobes need not fear!

  1. Hot Dog Dachshund Phone Case: Because no one can say no to a hot dog!

Get the pun? A dog in a hot dog? Yeah, we think the picture makes it quite clear what we’re trying to say, and just how cute this case is for your BFF’s phone!

Useful tip: Try using the hot dog pun yourself. It may likely fail, but life is too short to not tell bad jokes, amirite?

  1. Premium Emoji Golf Balls: How to get LOLz With Ballz!

Golf? Beer pong? These golf balls will make you feel all the emoji-otions! From anger to laughter; fear, tears, and much more, there’s a ball to express it all, no matter what you may be playing!

Useful tip: Don’t pick a favorite for it’s likely that you’ll lose it first!

  1. Stacking Cups Game with 18 Fun Challenges and Water Timer: For a next-level balance skill test

Are you up to stack (more than one) cup? This stacking cups game might seem relatively easy, but its 18 challenges beg to differ. Perfect for your road trips, this is one gift that will stand the test of time!

Useful tip: Pick each other’s challenges to add some intrigue!

  1. Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers: When a good pun is all you need to have fun

Do you and your BFF dislike those one-pun-and-done kind of people? Well this card game is made just for you two - and anyone else in your gang who can’t shy away from some punny and bright time!

Useful tip: How does one win this game? Well, they only have to play their cards right!

  1. Cat Butt Coloring Book: A Hilarious Fun Coloring Gift Book for Cat Lovers: No ifs or buts when it comes to drawing cat butts!

Can someone relax while actually coloring cat...butts? This book says YES, and you have to believe it! Give your bestie the gift of stress-relieving cat butt designs and it’s certain that their life will never be the same, ever again!

Useful tip: We’ve said it again! You just have to add some colored pencils to your gift, too!

  1. Prank Funny Joke Gift Box: The ultimate gotcha gift wrap

Have you always wanted to find one of those outrageous decoy gift boxes that you see in YouTube reaction videos? Well, here’s your chance to pick between a toilet roto wipe; a fart filter; a plant urinal; “toilet tunes” and a “yourinal”, to trick your bestie into thinking that they got something...unique!

Useful tip: This is a gift reaction worth recording, so have someone keep their phone in hand when the time comes!

  1. 101 Fun Things to Do in Retirement: For those work days that seem endless

No matter how much time is left for their retirement, your bestie definitely has days where they yearn they could just stop working right now! This book will give them lots of things to look forward to and make it easier to go through the motions at work on hard days.

Useful tip: Never too early to prepare, so why don’t you pick a copy for yourself, too?

  1. Coffee makes me poop spoon: To speak the truth that’s rarely spoken

Most people will say they drink coffee to wake up, but it is only your bestie who will admit to you that coffee also make them poop. Give them this spoon as a token of your closeness and your mutual understanding of what matters aka frequent BM.

Useful tip: A premium coffee blend is what can really get things...going, if you know what we mean!

  1. Executive Mini-Sandbox - Beach Break: Because even C-level execs need some fun in the sun

Stuck in a cubicle but dreaming of the beach? This cute sandbox will help your bestie dream of sunnier days in warmer places, even when deadlines are near and vacation a long day away!

Useful tip: Add a little fun note teasing your BFF about their endless daydreaming at work. They’ll understand!

  1. Significant Otter Socks: When your love for your BFF is like no otter

Loyal, insanely cute and sometimes swimming right next to their loved one(s): we know, we’ve just described your BFF, but also an otter! These awesome socks combine both sentiments and 

Useful tip: This is a gift where you’ll both need a pair, so getting two is a must!

  1. I'll Feed All You Funny Black Apron: For the cook that’s had enough

Here’s the best gift apron that a cook can receive from a demanding patron - and we mean you! Yes, we know you love your bestie’s cooking efforts and major Thanksgiving feasts, but  this apron will help you to actually mean it!

Useful tip: Don’t try to grab your BFF’s utensils out of their apron pouch! A cook can only take so much before snapping!

  1.  Shakespearean Insult Bandages: For the tempest wounds

WWWSD aka What Would William Shakespeare Do if he were able to develop...bandages?! Well, if that’s a random question that wouldn’t be too random for your BFF, then this Shakespeare-themed bandages will add some poetic insult to the wound!

Useful tip: Always worth a dramatic read of the quotes emblazoned on the bandages!

  1. These Cards Will Get You Drunk - Fun Adult Drinking Game for Parties: When the party goes from mild to wild

Drunk can mean fun when you ask the funny questions printed on these cards! Who will be the oversharer? Or the most daring? Challenge your BFF to this game to find out for sure!

Useful tip: Drink responsibly! You don’t have to get full-out drunk. Tipsy will do, too!

  1. Pick Your Poison Card Game: The “What Would You Rather Do?” Party Game for All Ages: When the answer can really only be A or B

A spin on the “Would you rather”, this family-friendly card game can safely reveal your bestie’s wild side! The only question is, are you up for it?!

Useful tip: Make sure to vote in the end to see who was the most revealing among you all!

  1. Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter Bathroom Game: 


Fun in the can? We can already hear your bestie saying “YES PLEASE!” This small yet mighty golf course is not just made for those 

Useful tip: You just have to make your BFF tell you if they’re acing it or stink like an elephant’s ass (pun intended!)

  1. Crafting with Cat Hair: A book for the future crazy cat lady

Your encounters with your BFF’s cat may leave you scratched, bloodied, and, well, plagued with the question, After all this time, why on earth do I still try to pet Vader? (or whatever else feline overlord-appropriate name your BFF has given her furry menace).

However, that doesn’t mean that Vader can’t be useful for something, after all! Wrap Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat in cat-themed gifting paper, slap a nice bow on it, and present it to your BFF saying, Now you can FINALLY make something out of all those cat hair!

Shameless Plug

Fortune Cookies with your own original messages inside them.

If you really love them you'll get them something super, let's say, a Custom Fortune Cookie Bag.

Write your own inside jokes, roasts, words of encouragement or whatever your heart desires.

We'll make sure to deliver these home-made delicious fortune cookies to their door!

Wrapping this up, we’d like to say that we hope you will find our suggestions not only useful but fun!

Our goal is to help you strengthen your bond with your BFF with some hilarious gifts that show your funny personality.

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