15 Best Gag Gifts of 2019

February 21, 2019
There’s nothing more beautiful to look at than a wide ear-to-ear smile!
However, smiles have become increasingly uncommon these days, with stress, fatigue, several problems related to our work, relationships, health, etc. taking a toll on our beaming grins.
Moreover, it can be especially disheartening to see the smile wear off your near and dear ones, especially when that smile was one of the reasons you became close.
But, this is precisely why gag gifts were invented! Because people sometimes have a hard time smiling by themselves, they need a little something to tickle their funny bone.
Know a grumpy friend who could use a gag gift?
Unsure whether you should buy that animal butt magnet? Look no further, read on to find out what we think of some of the funniest gag gifts on the market today!

1. Offensive Fortune Cookies

Offensive custom fortune cookies to be used as a gag gift for white elephant Christmas gifts or funny gifts in general.

This mystery fortune cookie bag is the best gag gift you can give. It includes six NSFW fortunes inside the fortune cookies. Imagine their faces when they expect to open an innocent fortune cookie with an uplifting and inspiring messages just to find themselves reading an offensive message. The look on their faces will be priceless. Give them to someone you love...or hate!

2. Bacon Bandages

Best Gag Gifts Bold Crumbs Bacon Bandages
Mornings would be unbearable without coffee and bacon, and cuts would be unbearable without bandages. Haven’t you, at some point, thought what it would be like if someone were to fuse two or more indispensable things?
Well, your prayers have been answered, because these bacon bandages are a very funny, tasty, salty and crispy way of keeping wounds protected from the elements and letting them heal. The bandages measure three inches by three-quarter inches and come in a pack of 15.

3. Butt Station

If you think about it, you can really ever alternate between three places in a traditional workplace; your soul-crushing cubicle, gossip-central that is the coffee machine, and the bog, which is where you camp out to avoid doing any actual work.
So, what if there were a way to appear very productive and impress your boss while declaring your love for the bog? Well, now there is, with the butt station! It’s a hilarious supplies organizer that’s in the shape of a man sitting on the loo. Because, you know, that’s where focus is the highest.

4. Batman Snuggie

It’s fine to like Batman, even if you’re an adult. No, superheroes are not childish! Batman is awesome and can be counted on to save the day, should the Joker decide to destroy the city.
But, will Batman be there to cuddle with you and tuck you into bed after he’s done fighting baddies? Probably not, but this snuggie should make an amazing substitute. We’re afraid it doesn’t feature an inflatable Alfred, nor does it come with an estate worth millions, but you know, baby steps.

5. Toilet Mug

While the science on whether coffee is a laxative or not is unclear, most of society seems to believe that it is. In fact, some people are so convinced of its bowel-clearing properties that they consume liters of it when they… get stuck.
So, if you wish to declare your love for coffee while being reminded of its effects, this toilet mug is perfect! Carefully designed to bring to mind all the disgusting aspects of human function, it should make for a revolting coffee experience, so it’s best advised to gift this as a practical joke.

6. Emergency Clown Nose

There’s a lot a fire extinguisher and a clown nose share in common. They’re both red and… that’s about it.
Now that we’ve established that a clown nose is exactly like a fire extinguisher, why should the fire extinguisher has its own fancy emergency storage place when the clown nose doesn’t have it? Well, that seems to have been remedied with this, the Emergency Clown Nose.
While it can’t be placed on a hook on the wall, it does come in a convenient cylindrical container. So when your friend’s boss lights a fire inside his head, you can cheer to the rescue!

7. Creative Cursing Profanity Generator

“You moron, you nincompoop, you twerp, you… oh words fail me!”
We’ve all been in this situation before, when words fail us when we need them the most. Especially when we’re telling someone what an idiot they are. How frustrating! When this happens, you feel like chastising yourself more than the other person.
Well, to ensure this never happens to you or your friend again, get this Profanity Generator, which will provide you with creative, colorful and incisive abuses when you need them. Now, where’s that dilweed?

8. Animal Butt Magnets

Butts are funny. Butt jokes are funny. Anything to do with a butt is funny. These animal butt magnets are the funniest. Made solely for your viewing pleasure, these miniature butts come from a variety of animals with funny-looking butts and are bound to bring to surface any humorous associations you have with animal posteriors (you weirdo!).
Oh, and they’re magnets as well, so they can be used, for like, keeping something held in place, with a miniature butt (???).

9. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Every locality has one. Frizzy, disheveled hair, a face with various growths sprouting out of it, a smell that would put a skunk to shame and more cats clinging on to her than one of them has lives. I’m indeed talking about the crazy cat lady.
If you know a quintessential crazy cat lady or someone who really loves their cats, this action figure makes for the perfect gag gift to make fun of cat people. It comes with six cats. Allergies NOT included!

10. The Zombie Survival Guide

It’s 2049. A deadly chemical weapon used in the war of 2030 seeped into graves and left the corpses undead. They have rendered your city a dystopian shadow of its former self, and now, they’re coming for you! It dawns upon you that all the time you spent playing zombie games on your Xbox actually taught you very little about surviving a zombie invasion. This could be it for you.
If someone you know derives comedic pleasure from this and similar prospects, then this gag gift is for them (so they can, you know, prepare well in advance for 2049).

11. ‘Dogs on Bikes’ Tees

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and most of us developed our bonds with our dogs when we were kids. As kids, we used to ride bikes as well. While we never had the idea of putting our dogs on our bikes, we’re glad someone did, and then that someone had the wisdom to put it on a T-shirt.
Amuse people and especially dog-lovers everywhere you go with this fantastic tee which shows a dog riding a bike. It is available with a number of breeds (we love the Boxer!).

12. Canned Unicorn Meat

Little girls have the stupidest obsessions. Pre-2015 Justin Bieber, Barbie dolls, make-believe tea parties, and the most absurd of them all, unicorns. Never mind the fact that it would’ve taken a positively twisted mind to think of a horse with a horn that farts rainbows, we can’t understand girls’ obsession with them.
To rid a little girl of her stupid hang-up, gift her this can of unicorn meat. It contains a positively traumatizing stuffed unicorn that’s been cut up into pieces. We’ll see how many rainbows there remain after Princess opens this morbid monstrosity, ha!

13. The Official Bullsh*t Button

Boy-oh-boy, are we treading the line between what is socially acceptable and not with this item. Irrespective of politeness, this button is the perfect device to subtly (anything but) tell someone that you can see you through their BS.
It comes as a big red button with the BS-word written in big, white bold letters, so there’s no missing it. When you press it, it lights up and lets the world know that the person talking to you is BS-ing. Perfect for somebody mistaking you for a credulous fool.

14. Passive-Aggressive Notes

The BS button above follows an out-and-out aggressive approach, but sometimes, you have to be slightly subtle to let the other person know that you’re mad at them.
I am, of course, talking about passive-aggressive behaviors. And these notes are a collection of some of the greatest hits when it comes to passive-aggressive messages designed to cause that sinking feeling in the reader’s solar plexus.
Sit back, relax and have a hearty laugh at people getting mad at other people and expressing it in an ice-cold manner.

15. Butt Shorts

Your next pool party will be hilariously awkward with these swim trunks. These shorts have a butt imprint that tricks everyone into thinking you have an exposed bottom at the family barbecue pool party. Also, if you're lazy you can wear these during Halloween this year! Cheap and fun costume that'll make everyone around you laugh until they cry.

Ready to gift one yet?

People these days are infinitely unhappier than they used to be. This can be due to a lot of factors, primarily, stress. Gag gifts are a great way to get a few chuckles out of loved ones and make a lot of sense in today’s times.
This list features some of the best ones we’ve come across and they’re bound to tickle your funny bone and get those chuckles out.
Happy laughing!

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