the world's most offensive
fortune cookies
The best gag gift ever.


We discreetly put funny, offensive messages inside delicious fortune cookies for you to give to anyone. All you have to do is pick your favorite bag and record their hilarious reaction!


All of our bags in one place.
Business Bag!
(100) Custom Fortune Cookies
Republican Bag!
(6) Fortune Cookies with Insults for Republicans
A bag to offend liberal snowflakes.
Democrat Bag!
(6) Fortune Cookies with Insults for Democrats
A bag to offend idiot conservatives.
Dad Jokes Bag!
(6) Fortune Cookies with Dad Jokes
The messages inside are like paper...they're tearable!
Offensive Bag!
(6) Fortune Cookies with Random Offensive Messages [NSFW]
A bag to offend all of you idiots.
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